How to deal with toxic people? Leadership style and strategy

Leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs often face situations where they are subject to defamation. Sometimes, individuals with a narrow mindset tend to spread rumors or speak negatively about leaders in public. These situations created by such individuals with a lack of wisdom can disturb the mental state of those leaders. So, how should one handle these individuals with limited insight who create such situations? That’s the topic of this post. So, Let’s start.

how to deal with toxic people?
How to deal with toxic people?

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Dear leaders, when someone foolish or with a narrow mindset defames a leader in public, how should the leader behave toward that individual? The answer is, at such times, the leader should first listen to the person calmly without getting angry.

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This approach benefits the leader. If the leader reacts in anger, they might end up in further trouble. Additionally, such individuals with a narrow mindset don’t deserve the leader’s attention. Gossiping is their nature; it’s what they do. Neglecting these gossipers is the duty of a leader!

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Ignore the toxic people
Ignore the toxic people

The discussion doesn’t end here. There are two reasons to neglect these gossipers, which can be used as a counter weapon. The first reason is that by not getting angry after hearing the foolish talk, the leader first earns respect from the surrounding public.

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If you’re genuinely a good leader, the public will support you during such times. The second reason is that when the leader neglects the foolish individual, ultimately, that person becomes a subject of mockery in the public eye for talking negatively without reason.

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Gossipers have a habit of boasting throughout the town that they defamed the leader in public. These gossipers don’t realize that this attitude of theirs exposes them completely. They will always remain unworthy of respect in the public eye. Therefore, a leader shouldn’t react to them. When a leader reacts, it unnecessarily escalates the situation and dirties the leader’s image.

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In some cases, the likelihood of violence increases in such situations. In these moments of potential violence, ignoring them is the best strategy. Ignoring them ignites a fire within them that will consume them.

However, it’s crucial to remember that even though we’ve handled the situation without getting angry, it’s essential to wait for the right moment and completely remove these gossipers when the time comes. This will ensure they don’t get another chance.

This is only possible when the leader can control their emotions. If a leader reacts during times of defamation, they might end up harming themselves.

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leadership strategy
leadership strategy

The value of the contributions a leader has made to their organization will be diminished. More so, these gossipers will boast about defeating the leader. Therefore, leaders should always remember that when facing defamation in public or behind their back, ignoring these gossipers is the best strategy. Eventually, there will come a time when you will outshine these gossipers.

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