Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions


Q-1 What are the typical steps of the CFD simulation process?
  1. First, you need to create the proper geometry of the fluid domain. means if you want to analyze water pressure (for example) at the bottom in the bottle then you need not create the geometry of the hollow plastic bottle, you need to create solid shape of water that is available in the hollow region of the bottle then after create a fluid domain, create a proper mesh. the analysis result purely depends on the mesh that you generate. so create mesh carefully.
  2. after meshing, apply known boundary conditions like pressure, velocity, temperature, etc.
  3. choose a suitable model. like k-epsilon, k-omega (for turbulence flow analysis) , k-laminar (for laminar flow analysis). apply iterations and solve it until it converged.
  4. after converged, the result is obtained. choose different contore whatever you want to analyze ( here example is about pressure analysis of water at bottom of bottle. so you can choose pressure contore)
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What is a pinball radius in FEA?

pinball radius is nothing but the radius of the sphere. in ansys this feature is known as the sphere of Influence. sphere of Influence is an available option in the Type field if you selected a body, face, edge, or vertex and 'Use Advanced Size' Function is off. Sphere of Influence behaves as a Hard setting. The Sphere of Influence modify pre- existing sizing(mesh) which is inside a sphere.

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Q-3 Which one is better, CATIA or SolidWorks for tool and die design?
        Catia generally uses for precision design work.. for a tool or die design you can use catia..but its not necessary if you not have CATIA then Solidworks is ok.

Q-4 Is ansys free for all students studying engineering and do I have to pay after one year of free usage?

        yes, it is free for all...You don't have to pay..You can use academic versions..You can download academic versions (student version ) from Ansys website..your license is valid for one yesr..after one year download again new student version.there are elements limit is 512k.

Q-5  What is 1G welding position ?

  • In 1G, ‘1′ indicates for flat position and ‘G’ for groove weld. 1G welding position is the easiest welding position. In 1G welding position, pipe or object can be rotated around its longitudinal axis or horizontal X-axis and welding is carrying out at junction where the weld is to be done.
  • In 1G welding position, welder position can not change as pipe or object is rotated about its longitudinal axis (horizontal X-axis).
1G horizontal rotate position

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Q-5  What is 5G and 6G welding position ?

5G Welding Position

  • 5G welding position is a tough weld position but easy compare to 1G and 2G position. In 5G position, the pipe is in a horizontal or X-axis position but the pipe cannot be rotated or it is fixed. 
  • The welder carry out welding while moving around the pipe.In 5G weld position, welding is done vertically either upwards or downwards. 5G position is similar to the 1G position, the only difference is that the pipe cannot be rotated.
5G Welding Position, Pipe is fixed.

6G Welding Position

  • 6G welding position is one of the most difficult welding position. A welder who has enough experience is capable of welding with a 6G position. In 6G weld position, Pipe is arranged an angular or sloping position approx 45 degrees from the vertical axis (Y-axis) or 45 degrees from the horizontal axis (X-axis). 
  • The welder must need to carry out welding while moving around the pipe because the pipe is in a fixed position and it can not be rotated.
  • If a welder has the qualification of 6G position, then he is allowed to carry out welding in the 1G position but vice-versa is not possible.
  • 6G Welding Position, Pipe is fixed.

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